Features that sell books

New features

The latest release of BookOnPublish includes full text search, page turn swipe gesture support for iOS and Android devices, up to three sets of QuickCheck questions per page, and alternative pop-up definitions with glossary function as used in the local versions of New Perspectives on Computer Concepts.

Fully formatted pages

BookOnPublish preserves page layout. Paragraphs, columns, and figures look exactly the same on the printed page, on a computer, on a tablet, and even on a smart phone. Page 32 looks like page 32, in every edition and on every device.

Extensive multimedia support

BookOnPublish creates rich-media publications that can include videos, Flash animations, HTML/JavaScript animations, YouTube, narrations, music, and Web links. No other multimedia publishing system supports a wider range of media types or runs on a wider range of devices.

Multi-platform delivery: create your content once and run it on almost everything

With BookOnPublish, a book is processed only once to link and place all the media. Then, simply choose your output and delivery options: Macs, Windows PCs, and a wide range of portable devices including the iPad, Android tablets, smart phones, Kindle Fire, and Nook. Process once; output to many devices. You’ll appreciate the efficiency and cost benefit.

Internet delivery options

Your digital books can be delivered from a Web site and displayed in almost any device that has a multimedia browser. Internet delivery opens the door to profitable subscription, rental, and cloud-based distribution models.

Local delivery options

Your digital books can be distributed as downloads, on install-free CDs, DVDs, or USB Flash drives to support customers who may not always have access to fast Internet connections. Multiple locked products can be delivered on a single CD or DVD, allowing customers to purchase and activate individual products as needed.

Your BookOnBrowser content can also be packaged and delivered as a local application for mobile devices, including iOS and Android. Local mobile apps can be configured as a Web App, accessing all content over the Internet; can include some content in the app and link to other content on the Internet; or can be entirely self-contained, with all content included in the app.

Built-in computer scored quizzing and tracking

BookOnPublish offers extensive educational features including learner feedback, assessment, and tracking options. Only BookOnPublish offers QuickCheck questions that appear right on the page with results optionally saved and tracked. Only BookOnPublish offers Unicode practice tests with computer scoring and with results delivered directly to instructors, as well as support for a wide range of Flash and HTML-based test and quiz systems.

Try a BookOnPublish sample packaged as a local Android app. Download NP2012.apk to your Android device, then install.

Learning management system integration

Textbooks and educational content published with BookOnPublish can be used as a rich stand-alone learning environment or can be incorporated into most any LMS. If your LMS supports links to HTML content, it will almost certainly support BookOnPublish content.

We are also working on support for the upcoming Tin Can initiative, the next-generation SCORM, which makes it possible for external activities such as BookOnPublish textbooks to send scored data directly back to the LMS/LRS  (Learning Record Store).

Unicode support for international publications

BookOnPublish menus and prompts can be easily modified to support any Unicode character set. Unicode support includes QuickCheck questions and Practice Tests. With BookOnPublish, you can deliver your product in any language and any market, including India, China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and South America.

Digital Rights Management with automated activation and hands-free purchase options

Both local and browser-based content can be locked for keycode activation. Products can also be configured to support an automated, hands-free purchase and activation process via PayPal. Custom integration with existing payment and user validation systems is also available.

BookOnPublish is one of the few digital publishing solutions not based on Adobe PDFs

Unlike most "page turn" technologies, BookOnPublish is not a simple wrapper around a PDF file. BookOnPublish uses PDF as an input format, but doesn't incorporate the PDF into the final product. This has many advantages including the ability to incorporate advanced features not supported in the PDF format and no reliance on the fragile PDF digital rights management system. BookOnPublish projects are not affected by the numerous security exploits that target PDFs or the frequent updates required to combat those exploits.


Preserve page formatting


Photo placement

Fonts and international alphabets


In-place videos

Links to YouTube


Embedded sound snippets

And more!

Computer-scored quizzes

In-page assessment

Track scores with learning management system